Fibonacci Sequence Explained – How can understanding Fibonacci lead to Success?

Fibonacci for SuccessThe Fibonacci Sequence, or Golden ratio, is a phenomenon of growing interest, but how can knowledge of the mathematical equation of creation help you achieve your goals?

The Fibonacci Sequence, otherwise known as Golden ration or Golden mean is a mathematical equation found in everything in our universe.  It is in your DNA, in the growing pattern of plants and trees, weather patterns and even galaxies.  It is a mathematical equation through which creation takes form as a manifest object.

The Fibonacci sequence is often shown as a spiral but can also be demonstrated through the fractal geometry of the mandelbrot set.  I recommend watching a video on youtube as this will help you to visualise the reality of the infinite creative pattern.  As a wave principle, the Golden Mean is seen as 5 waves forward, 3 waves backwards.  Whether it is a spiral, wave or fractal, the patterns demonstrate the infinite pattern of creation.  It is an endless equation, from the infinite to the infinite.

So what does this mean for you?

Several magnificent practical tools can be applied to your life once you understand this equation.   First and foremost, consider the fact that everything in our universe is created with this sequence.  Even the financial markets show this trend.  As far as we know, we cannot change it.  It has even been called the code of  GOD.

No doubt you have heard and experienced the saying, 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. Well thats not far away from the truth.  Life is a spiral, and to create this spiral there is a constant expansion and contraction between 1 and 0 which is weighted towards the 1 at the ratio of 0.618, or Phi.  This means that no matter what you do, your life will follow this pattern.  In the inifintely small moment to the grand scale of your life, and of your infinite existence, this pattern will be evident.  The only control you have is how quickly your goals come to fruition and how you feel about the constant fluctuations between moving forwards and backwards.

Now when I speak of time, as in, how quickly you achieve your goals, I would like you to remain mindful of this 0.618 forward motion, for it exists in every moment.  So, to an extent, you cannot influence the speed at which creation is manifest.  But equally you can.  Its one of those paradox concepts that exist in nature.   What you can influence is where it is going and this in essence affects the speed.

For instance, lets assume that you are currently an individual who smokes, drinks and suffers strong bouts of emotions and stress.  You commit to a life of your dreams, to your ultimate potential in this life, to your destiny and you believe that your destiny is a lifestyle of health and balance, but right now your behaviour, thoughts and emotions are nowhere near that level of existence.

You commit from the centre of your being and you hold that commitment in the face of every challenge, in the face of every backwards  wave. The leaps forward and backwards are likely to be rather erratic, taking huge leaps forward and backwards, if you are currently no-where near that potential but you are showing a strength of commitment and character that allows the forward motion to propel you into your true nature.  But the likely hood is, that if you are nowehere near this vibrational level of existence, your commitment will waver and be pointing in many different directions, trying on different experiences and learning along the way, so the end vision, the percieved destiny is in a state of fluctuation between ‘I want it, I can do it’, and ‘I dont care, I want a drink and im off to the pub’.

The true reality is that within the fabric of what you are, within your soul, you are always that true potential.  I will discuss the soul further in tomorrows blog when we consider the research conducted on the weight of the soul.  For now, lets assume you believe in the soul.  Whether you believe or not, it is there as science has now proven.

The concept of needing to leap forward to reach your potential is only a construct of the mind.  In actual fact, all you need to do is let down all of your barriers to your true state.  You do not need to create something outside of the self.  You need only to remove the self made barriers and blockages to your true nature.  Of course, the removal of such barriers will once again manifest in reality as this spiral.  Physically, emotionally and intellectually you will grow and develop in a cycle of back and forth.  So there is no point in judging where you are on the spiral, what challanges you face, or how quickly things are unfolding.  All you can do is hold your commitment to your goal and watch the waves with awareness.

Be mindful of how these waves affect you and capitalize upon them.  When are you emotional? When are you positive or negative? When do you feel tired and when are you full of energy?  There will be a pattern.  It exists in every moment but when you watch the pattern daily, weekly and monthly within the concepts of time, you can see how and when you may want to schedule certain activities.  You can allow the frustration of percieved failure to fall away because you understand that you cannot fail, you can only direct the course of the spiral, commit and live with awareness.

Another tool to consider here is the 1 and 0 principle.  As I mentioned earlier, life is a constant expansion and contraction between 1 and 0 as expressed in a mathemtical sequence of 0.618.   It is the mind that creates our reality, and again the science behind this will be looked at in more depth later this week and applied to the 1 and 0 principle.  For now, consider

What is your highest goal right now?

What barriers and blockages does your mind create to the achievement of this goal?

How do these barriers manifest in your behaviour, thoughts and emotions?

Can you imagine the possibilities of the impossible?

What barriers and blockages does your mind create in response to this concept?

Can you commit to a path of releasing your fears?

If you cant commit, can you intend to commit?  Thereby empowering yourself to find the tools that will lead you to strengthen your commitment.

This weeks blogs will continue to explain and expand upon how to empower yourself to succeed. We will consider

The Science of the Infinite Soul

How you Manifest your thoughts into your Reality

Success through Group Consciousness

Strengthening Commitment

Releasing Fears

Living in a changing landscape of 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 – Zero Point

Conflict and Creativity

The first and foremost step is Commitment.  Yogi Bhajan said we are meant to commit, hence commit-ment.  It is considered the first of 7 steps to happiness and leads to character.    Now, through the exploration of the scientific principle of  Fibonacci, you know why commitment is so important.  Its all you have to direct the focus of your spiral.  Grow your will, commit, hold your awareness and let go of judgement.


7 thoughts on “Fibonacci Sequence Explained – How can understanding Fibonacci lead to Success?

    • Hi
      Thanks for the comment. Please explain further as everything I have studied shows them to be the same. I have been seeing the world in its holographic nature, geometry and numbers for years but only fairly recently found the research to explain the science behind my experiences of the world.

      • The Phi ratio is 1.618… two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. The Fibonacci sequence, as it ensues, reaches closer and closer to Phi but they are never actually the same.

  1. Very interesting and best part for me – You do not need to create something outside of the self. You need only to remove the self made barriers and blockages to your true nature…how true 🙂

  2. Really interesting post. As they say, ‘all roads lead to Rome’ and this is another perspective on achieving consciousness and stepping into our power as creators. I too find it fascinating how the discoveries of the scientific world are supporting the beliefs of the spiritual world, and proving the role that consciousness has in the creation process. This principle plays a very significant part in our own teaching and I am always open to including more perspectives on this fascinating subject. Thank you for the insights you have added.

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